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Orobico della Nonna

Half-cooked paste cheese

Features Cheese

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Vecchio (Red mark)

cheese produced with mountain milk from the Orobic pre-Alps, it belongs to the half-cooked paste cheeses category. It has a cylindrical shape, diameter of 35 cm, whole cheese height of 4/5 cm and weighs about 6/7 kg.

The mild, aromatic paste is light in color, with slight holes. Its mild, aromatic taste is reminiscent of old times.

Stravecchio (Green mark)

It differs from Marchio Rosso (Red mark) by the height of the whole cheese of about 4 cm and by the weight of 5/6 kg. Its paste is firmer, with a slightly more strawy color. It is well liked for its slightly spicy taste.Seasoning can reach as much as 5/6 months.